#Ep87: Redefining Tomorrow: Decentralized ID, Wellness, HealthTech, and Synthetic Biology".

December 14th, 2023 · 53 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

🎙️Hello and welcome everyone to another exciting, #87 episode of the “Encrypted” podcast, powered by Myco.io, “Redefining tomorrow: Decentralized ID, Wellness, Healthtech, and Synthetic Biology”.
🌐Join us on an insightful journey through the tech universe with Charles Hoskinson, visionary entrepreneur, mathematician, and co-founder of Input Output Global, Inc. and Cardano. His leadership in blockchain technology has reshaped the landscape of decentralized systems, pushing boundaries in tech, wellness, and synthetic biology.
📜In our conversation, Charles shares untold aspects of his endeavors, exploring the misconceptions surrounding Cardano, the power of type-based programming in #Plutus development, and the pivotal role of interoperability in shaping the future of blockchain networks.
🤖Discover the lesser-known aspects of Cardano's technology, and delve into the promising potential of decentralized identity technology globally. We also explore the intersection of AI and decentralization, navigating the fine balance between power and custodianship in this transformative era.

✅That’s not all! We uncover Charles’s newest venture, the Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic, and his expansive focus on pioneering projects in health tech and synthetic biology.
🎧Tune in to gain invaluable insights from Charles Hoskinson, a tech visionary reshaping tomorrow’s world!
💫 Special guest: Charles Hoskinson,
🌟 Poscast Host: Maria Vovchok.

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