#Ep.88: "Cryptocurrency's Godfather: Privacy, DigiCash, AI, and the Quantum-Secure Future".

January 5th, 2024 · 45 mins 25 secs

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🎙️ We’re thrilled to have the visionary David Chaum on our latest, #88th episode of Encrypted, powered by Myco.io, "Cryptocurrency's Godfather: David Chaum on Privacy, DigiCash, AI and the Quantum-Secure Future"!
📝Renowned as the 'Godfather of Cryptocurrency,' David's pioneering work in applying cryptography to cash in 1982 set the stage for today's digital currency landscape. From #ecash to groundbreaking #cryptographic #protocols, his contributions have reshaped #privacy and #security in the digital realm.
🔖 In our discussion, David shared his insights about Project #Tourbillon, a CBDC collaboration with a Swiss central bank, emphasizing its paramount focus on preserving user privacy—a critical stride in the realm of Central Bank Digital Currencies.
💡We dived into the evolution from challenging centralized financial players with cryptographic digital cash to collaborating on CBDCs, exploring the intersection of privacy, decentralization, and the future of currency.
✅We also spoke about 'better than money' (BTM) concepts, their connection to e-cash, and the intriguing realm of #cMoney.
💡David highlighted the urgency of quantum-resistant cryptography, offering foresight into forthcoming developments crucial for safeguarding digital systems against quantum threats in the current landscape.
📚Discover more about the meaningful contributions of the cryptocurrency industry to the core of useful computer science and the crucial discussion about AI, and data accumulation.
🎧Join us in exploring the future of #cryptography, privacy, and technology with David Chaum on the Encrypted podcast!
💫 Special guest: David Chaum
🌟 Podcast Host: Maria Vovchok.

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