#Ep. 54: Encrypted @ Gitex - The Future of Programmable Money

October 14th, 2019 · 49 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

We are live! We held a live podcast at Gitex and discussed an awesome topic ‘The future of programmable money’!

We had two great guests on the show: Gabriel Abed from Bitt.com and Aruba Khalid from the Dubai Future Foundation. In this episode, we discussed:

  • Why programmable money is important (04:17)
  • What is programmable money (06:32)
  • Money for the authorities: Is there an argument for separating political decisions from economic outcomes (09:47)
  • How Bitt.com have helped central banks to create central bank digital currency (11:47)
  • Advantages of central bank digital currencies (16:42)
  • Are banks needed if central banks create their own central bank digital currencies? (18:00)
  • Money for the corporations: Libra and how money is based on its usefulness (19:18)
  • Can we program money that is useful and is private? (22:22)
  • The roles of regulators when regulating Money for the corporations (25:17)
  • The advent of corporation based money (29:45)
  • Now it all depends on who you trust (32:02)
  • Money for the people: Cryptocurrencies have forced the conversation (35:29)
  • Bitcoin is designed to protect the 99% (36:22)
  • Bitcoin prices and fluctuations (39:17)

This was another amazing live panel we hosted as we discussed the real problems and questions surrounding programmable money and what sound money looks like.

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