#Ep. 48: Berlin Blockchain Week: Why is the Ex-CTO and Cofounder of Ethereum preaching Less Trust, More Truth?

August 26th, 2019 · 11 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

Ahmed is in Berlin for Berlin Blockchain Week, and as part of this short Berlin Blockchain Week series, we are super excited to have Dr. Gavin Wood, who is the President and Founder of Web 3 Foundation and notably known for being one of the co-founders and Ex CTO of Ethereum.

Ahmed dives into Gavin’s value system and tries to understand why he is pursuing the path he is currently on. Driven by curiosity, we learn that he helped to code the ideas that Vitalik drew up for Ethereum and is increasingly curious about what else he can create next!

Ahmed, curious about Gavin’s experiences, wants to find out the challenges he faced in the past 6 years as a prolific tech leader in the field and most importantly how he discerned the cynical from the authentic.

We also get some interesting opinions on a few topics:

  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum? Gavin gives us his views on which one he’d pick if bitcoin and ethereum were hanging off a cliff!
  • If blockchain was deployed in a country, which country would you deploy it in? Gavin thinks superpowers!

On one of the last things advocated by Gavin is a push for reducing the need for trust in the world; less trust, more truth.


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