#Ep. 76: The humble beginnings of crypto art and its meteoric rise

December 21st, 2020 · 31 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

We're super excited to be recording this episode live at the Future Blockchain Summit which was part of Gitex 2020 in Dubai, one of the only in-person events that took place in this crazy 2020 year.

Our guest for this episode is Vesa, a Finnish artist who has had a unique journey following his interests throughout his life. After stumbling into art, and finding his hidden talents there, Vesa has helped to pioneer digital art which is now seeing tremendous growth in the crypto sphere. Vesa is unique in that he embraces both the physcial and digital forms of art, where his physcial copies go for a rate at 1 btc per piece (thats $19,200 at time of writing!)

We really enjoyed this episode as we discuss the early forms of digital art, what the transition of art will look like from the physical to digital realm, how will digital art be used and look like in the context of NFT (non fungible tokens), VR and AR, and how people can get involved!

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