#Ep. 20: What lessons did we learn in 2018?

December 5th, 2018 · 36 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

Ahmed and Faisal sit down with Samson Williams, Partner from Axes and Eggs, in episode 20 of Encrypted.

In this episode the trio do a 2018 recap looking at positives, negatives and lessons learnt from the industry.

Ahmed starts off with the lessons learnt from this bear market and what a 75% decline in bitcoin actually means. Samson uses examples from his education courses citing that ICOs and STOs are not businesses and how people still fall for selling low and buying high.

Samson and Faisal talks about their experiences dealing with banks and how cryptocurrencies should all be about seamless user experiences and a customer service battles. Samson argues that those launching cryptocurrencies, are in fact launching global payment systems.

Ahmed questions what 2018 use cases we have seen in blockchain and cites the lack of killer apps not in production as being a factor stagnating the industry. The topic of who’s winning in this market and regulation being put in place is seen as a positive element in this industry as well as citing IBMs hyperledger being the current leaders in deploying blockchain use cases.
The case for IBM vs Amazon is also explored as more bigger players are joining this industry.

Old lessons of building businesses are brought to surface as the MENA based souq.com example is highlighted as it took them 12 years before Amazon bought them out and thus the same thing should happen in the ICO space.

All of the above and more will be on this week’s episode of Encrypted!

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