#Ep. 64: How Orchid is revolutionizing the VPN space through blockchain and crypto!

March 3rd, 2020 · 31 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

Ahmed was in Denver, Colorado speaking with Dr. Steven Waterhouse from Orchid Protocol.

Dr. Steven (or as he’d like to be called Seven), is quite an experienced individual who can do loads of English accents as well as researching and implementing AI before the dotcom boom, built companies and sold them, and was also a VC investing in a variety of tech companies. He is now decentralizing VPN - Woah hold up, what does that even mean?

In this really interesting discussion, Ahmed and Seven discuss a variety of topics:

  • What was working on AI like before it was called AI
  • How Seven got involved in the crypto space and why he did
  • How Seven played a part in building Pantera Capital, one of the oldest and respected blockchain and crypto funds
  • ‘The flavor of the day’
  • Being sim swapped and how that led Seven to start Orchid
  • What decentralizing/distributing VPNs mean? What does it mean for end-users?
  • Token economics and business model of Orchid and stakeholders
  • UX of utility tokens

Do make sure to check it out, especially as these guys are rebuilding the VPN model, particularly in how normal people can make money from providing their bandwidth!

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