Danny Oyekan

Special guest

Danny Oyekan is the founder and CEO of Dan Holdings – a leading fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies firm. Dan Holdings has actively been developing new blockchain-powered products and services, including Telechat – a chat application with an inbuilt social payment application for cryptocurrency, Coins App – a seamless all-in-one social payment application for global digital currencies, and BlockFinex – a crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto exchange platform.
Born into an entrepreneurial family heavily involved in the banking and construction sectors in Nigeria, Danny developed an early proclivity for entrepreneurship He developed an affinity for trade, commerce and investing, and began his journey in the business realm by building a fuel delivery and food delivery startup. Danny started his personal blockchain journey in 2012, and quickly identified the potential of harnessing blockchain technology to drive financial inclusion, and chart potential pathways to achieving key economic growth indicators.
Danny studied at the University of Wollongong, is also an avid investor, with his portfolio spanning across Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

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