Asim Janjua

Special guest

With an accomplished background with Google Zurich & Dubai in user experience, product design and development, balanced with the practice of humanism and nature inside the workplace—today, Asim uses these skills to develop unorthodox approaches to deliver scalable user-centric solutions across product and service design, organizational-design, operations and expansion for Consensys MENA.

With a cadence for all things experiential, Asim relishes the opportunity to lead and operate from the inside out between the intersections of lateral divergent and analytical convergent thinking— centered around people, short term and long term thinking, and social equality as incentives for excellence.

Design Leadership, Strategy & Management
Experience & Human Centered Design (UX/UI)
Blockchain Design & Technology Adoption

Consensys MENA, Director of Innovation & Design, Consensys MENA
Asim is pioneering innovation and catalyzing creative thinking to build a better future through technology. Asim is leading a culture of adaptive thinking, service and product design working from the inside out, his core focus is on developing an organizational culture that is design-led, user and platform focused.

Google Products & Web, Technical Design Lead, Google Switzerland & Dubai
Asim spent over six years working as a Technical Design Lead for Google Switzerland on initiatives that included global design systems and the design and development of product websites, with a specialization in user experience design for right-to-left languages for Google’s product expansion into emerging markets.

Head of Design, User Interaction & Strategic Design Management, Dubai
Developed adaptive, agile teams, design system libraries and design thinking principles to create delightful user experiences. As Head of Design Asim created an internal team of designers for to develop cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, payment products.

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