#Ep. 01: Decrypting Encrypted and a Bitcoin 10 year anniversary special!

July 31st, 2018 · 47 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

Ahmed and Aniket sit down to introduce the motivations behind the Encrypted podcast and discuss all things bitcoin on the back of its fast approaching 10-year anniversary!

If you are new to the space, they will help you to unwrap what bitcoin actually is by discussing the following:
• Why bitcoin exists and how it emerged
• 2 analogies to help you understand how bitcoin works
• Clearing misconceptions – Is bitcoin only used by criminals? Does bitcoin = blockchain? How many times has bitcoin been hacked?!!
• Breaking down private and public keys and wallets

They also discuss the incidents, both good and bad, in bitcoin’s 10-year history, including:
Crypto adoption rapidly increasing as blockiain.info, a free wallet provider, announces 25 million downloads of its wallet.
Bitcoin is legal in over 106 countries and legal tender in Japan, meaning people can use bitcoin as a currency to purchase goods.
The challenge of scaling bitcoin and how the community has responded so far. They will also be talking about the bitcoin fork which resulted in bitcoin cash’s existence and the implications of this.

All of the above and more will be on this week’s episode of Encrypted!

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